Nurses Standing Outside A HospitalThere is a lot of hogwash out there when it comes to taking care of your chompers. Here are some dental myths to be aware of.

Bleaching Can Weaken Your Teeth

Despite what you may hear, undergoing a teeth whitening procedure does not damage your teeth and enamel.  Tooth whitening products, whether applied in-office or used at home are generally harmless if patients follow the directions.

Teeth bleaching only affect the color of teeth, not their health or strength, if you bleach too much there could be a loss of pigmentation that makes the teeth appear translucent. However, your teeth can become sensitive from bleaching and your gums may become irritated.

Brushing Further Damages Bleeding Gums

If you suffer from bleeding gums you may be under the impression that brushing can lead to further irritation. Actually, the opposite is true. When your gums bleed it is an indication that food particles and plaque have built up around the gum line.

The ONLY way to get rid of bloody gums is to stay diligent with your home care. This means brushing at least twice a day and always remembering to floss. If the your gums continue to bleed after a week you could be suffering from gum disease.

The More Sugar you Eat, the more Your Teeth are Damaged

While a diet filled with sweets is can cause tooth decay and isn’t great for your overall health, the idea that simply eating something sweet will damage your teeth is a myth. The bacteria in the mouth proliferate when you eat carbohydrates which produce tooth decaying acid.

The longer sugar stays in the mouth the more bacteria can feed. So it’s not necessarily the amount of sugar a person eats but more the amount of time sugar stays in the mouth.

This means brushing your teeth right after having sweets will end their corrosive reign! Avoid lollipops and hard candy.