Smile, it’s September! This is the time of year in which we spotlight the power of the smile. From making a powerful first impression to defining your personality, a smile is multi-faceted. Never underestimate what you’re capable of armed with those pearly whites!

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What goes into your smile? It’s a network of 32 teeth – a tightly-knit coalition of incisors, canines, and molars working in perfect harmony together. It’s a snapshot of your underlying personality as well as an indication of your overall health.

Join Villago Family Dental during September–our tribute to those tremendously talented smiles that enrich our lives. Learn how a brighter smile can add untold dividends to your self-confidence. See how investing in your smile will pay you right back. So grab your toothbrush and get ready to crank your dial all the way to 11 – it’s time to rock!

The Psychology of a Smile

Quick brain teaser for you: Does smiling make you happy? It’s no secret within the scientific community that the emotions we exhibit are accompanied by a physical response.

Somewhat surprisingly, this brain-body relationship works both ways. Whereas opening a birthday present can bring a big grin to your face, forcing yourself to smile can actually make you feel good. Don’t believe us? Just try it!

A peculiar chemical reaction takes place in the brain every time you smile. Flashing your pearly whites actually releases endorphins and serotonin to the body, chemicals with natural pain relief and other associated ‘feel good’ properties.

Smiling can change your mood. If you ever find yourself having one of those days, stop yourself and force a smile. Really! It’s not as crazy as it sounds, and don’t worry about someone noticing. Smiling has a tendency to draw people in and lift their spirits too.

Have you ever noticed that a joke seems funnier among a crowd? Smiles are contagious because people want to feel good. Whether we’re at a crowded movie theater watching the latest blockbuster comedy or reflecting on an inside joke among close friends, sharing a smile feels better with others.

Research shows an automatic attraction between people who smile. Perhaps it’s because this simple gesture is proven to relieve stress – the worries of the day just melt away. Seeing your spouse and their familiar smile following a late night at work is downright therapeutic.

A healthy mental attitude will reflect on your physical person – it’s a scientific fact. Smiling more often leads to better moods. These better moods lead to lower blood pressure and even a boosted immune system, changes that really benefit your overall health.

Want to feel better more often? Of course you do! Make it a point to smile more throughout the day.

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Confidence in a Whiter Smile

Sometimes if you’re not confident in your smile, showing off those chompers is easier said than done. From contributing to anxiety when meeting new people to influencing how we conduct ourselves throughout job interviews, it’s essential to have control over this physical attribute.

Whitening your teeth remains one of the most dramatic ways to improve your smile – and it’s more affordable than ever. For a limited time, Villago Marketplace is offering patients the chance to illuminate their smile for only $99.00. Why? Because everyone is entitled to look their very best, and it’s our job to make that dream a reality!

The teeth whitening procedure is simple and painless. Your dentist will begin with a consultation to ensure bleaching is right for you – they may recommend preliminary services to ensure you get the best from your new smile. Once you have the green light, you’re on the fast track to a brighter smile.

During your whitening procedure, you’ll be seated in the dental chair for upwards of an hour and a half – so get comfortable! Your lips and gums will receive a protective cover, leaving only your teeth exposed. The clinician will apply a whitening gel, gel that activates with a special light. The light and gel work together to remove surface stains deep beneath the teeth, enhancing their overall appearance.

Stop wasting money on teeth whitening alternatives available in store. While these products can whiten your teeth, the results are hardly noticeable. Scheduling a professional tooth bleaching procedure with your dentist is the most dramatic way to enhance your results, giving you an entirely new look!

Is the state of your smile holding you back from realizing your full potential? We can help. See what a brighter smile adds to your self-confidence, call us today and schedule your procedure!

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Even More Amazing Smile Facts …

Research has churned out plenty of amazing facts about our mighty smile – some of which may surprise you. How much do you really know about your grill?

Turn that frown upside down

There are plenty of good reasons to replace that frown with a smile, perhaps none better than simple biology – it requires more work to frown than smile! Your body has to work harder and employ more muscles to create that frowny face. Take a load off and keep on smiling!

Flex your smile muscles

Although frowny faces require some heavy lifting in regards to facial muscles, your smile is no slouch either. Your average smile utilizes anywhere between 5 and 53 different muscles in the face.

Put on your best face

You might find it hard to believe but a smile has been proven to be more attractive than makeup. A research study conducted by Orbit Complete discovered almost 70% of people find women more attractive when they smile as opposed to wearing makeup.

Videos That Will Make You Smile, Guaranteed

Okay, so maybe a big article about smiling isn’t the best way to get people to smile – but we sure hope you learned something! If you haven’t smiled yet, these videos are sure to finish the job.

Dog Spoils Wedding Proposal

Hey, whatever happened to man’s best friend? We can’t imagine a more intimate place to get down on one knee than the privacy of the woods – it only makes sense to document the occasion so you can share it with others. The only problem is your dog thinks everything is a toy, right down to the camcorder.

Let it Goat

We love the movie Frozen and we also love goats, put them together and you have a pretty dynamite combination. It’s a shame the goat featured in this video wasn’t considered for the part of Elsa – she has some serious pipes!

Rico Suave Baseball Kid

This little boy sure knows how to play it cool when offered a foul ball at the ballpark. He just made that little lady’s day!

Remember: it’s September Smiles Month, start smiling more often!