The scariest aspect of Halloween for many parents related to what their child’s next dental checkup might look. After several weeks of a diet saturated in sugary sweets, surely there will be cavities that develop, right? Not necessarily – parents have the ability to prevent Halloween tooth decay, just follow these simple tips.

halloween cavities

  • Some candies are worse for teeth than others, it’s best to know the difference. Certain items like lollipops and hard candies expose the teeth to sugar for long periods of time. You might consider limiting your child’s access to these varieties.
  • It’s less detrimental to your child’s teeth to consume candy in one sitting compared to throughout the day. Designate times of the day when your child has free access to their snacks.
  • As part of the ‘free reign’ agreement, make a pact with your child that they’ll follow a good oral hygiene routine following their consumption. Leaving their teeth exposed to sugar for even a short period of time is what leads to dental problems.
  • Does your child floss? If not, now is the time to start. As part of their good oral hygiene routine, ensure flossing is a regular component. Sugar has a tendency to sit in the trouble spots not easily reached by your average toothbrush. Tooth decay can easily develop in these more sensitive areas so they need to be addressed.
  • Sugary sweets become less of a concern the less there is – encourage your child to share with friends and family members whenever possible. This isn’t something you ever want to enforce, it’s their candy after all!
  • Talk with your child about the importance of their oral health. Help them understand that you’re not trying to rain on the parade, simply maintain a healthy smile built to stand the test of time.

Happy Halloween from your friends at Villago Family Dental!