DenturesIf you are missing one or more teeth you may feel self-conscious about your smile but did you know that missing teeth can also cause health issues down the road? There are two options when a patient is missing multiple teeth; dental implants and dentures.

There is really only one advantage to purchasing dentures; cost.  Dentures, which are removable false teeth, were once the only solution to missing teeth but dental technology has advanced quite a bit over the past couple decades.

The issue with dentures is that must held in place using a fixative like an adhesive paste or wafers. Application of a fixative is quite uncomfortable and their bond is not always secure. Dentures can slip and move around in the mouth resulting in embarrassing situations when eating and speaking.

Dental implants are a far superior alternative to dentures because they look and feel like your real teeth. Unlike dentures, which are simply an aesthetic alternative to teeth, implants are secured directly in the gum or jaw where they serve as an anchor for a dental crown.

This method makes implants quite strong so they don’t slip or move around, thus eliminating issues associated with dentures.

Additionally dental implants can last a lifetime and require far less maintenance than other tooth replacement systems which require special cleaning and removal. Finally, dental implants preserve the jaw bone so patients can avoid a long and possibly painful bone grafting procedure.

As for the price, dental implants are considerably more expensive than dentures but when you factor in the additional costs of fixatives, cleaning solutions and denture replacements the costs can be similar. If you are missing multiple teeth consult your dentist to discover your best options.