It’s almost impossible to think about the holidays without thinking about all of your favorite holiday foods. Unfortunately, the holidays are full of treats that can be tough on your teeth. Here’s what you should know about maintaining good dental hygiene around the holidays.

Choosing Healthier Treats

One way that you can be mindful of your dental hygiene around the holidays is to choose healthier treats or make healthier versions of your favorite treats. If you’re a fan of candy canes or cinnamon candies, look for sugar-free varieties. If you enjoy gingerbread, sugar cookies, or other baked treats, look for healthier options at the store or search for recipes online that use less sugar and healthier grains.

The most important things to avoid are treats that are hard, sticky, leave behind a sugary residue, or tend to get food particles stuck between your teeth, but there are still plenty of other options to satisfy that holiday sweet tooth. Treats that melt in your mouth such as chocolate, puddings, or custards are generally safer. You can also ask your dentist for more suggestions of holiday treats that are healthier and safer for your dental health.

Caring for Your Teeth

During the holidays, it’s normal to want to splurge a little on your favorite treats that are less-than-the-best for your teeth. If you have a dental appliance such as a bridge, braces, or a fixed retainer, you should check with your dentist first to ensure that it won’t damage the appliance. But, in general, it’s normal to splurge a bit on special occasions.

If you do eat something high in sugar or that leaves your teeth feeling less than clean, just make sure to brush and floss your teeth well. Of course, it isn’t healthy to eat foods high in sugar every day, but festive foods are a big part of celebrating holiday traditions that bring a lot of joy.

Practicing good dental hygiene around the holidays doesn’t mean always avoiding all of the foods that aren’t good for your teeth. You can balance enjoying your favorites from time to time while also making sure to clean your teeth as soon as possible afterwards to mitigate the effects.

Keeping Good Habits

The holidays can be a wonderful break from the day-to-day grind of work, chores, and regular life, but it’s important to keep up some habits that can ensure good health throughout the holidays and beyond. It may help to schedule some time every day just for you so that you can practice self-care to ensure your wellbeing during such a busy season.

Practicing good dental hygiene around the holidays can easily fall by the wayside, but setting aside time each day specifically dedicated to take care of your mind and body, including your dental health, can help to ensure that you feel healthy, strong, and free to enjoy the holidays to their fullest.

Talk with your dentist for more information on how to make your dental hygiene routine the most efficient and effective for your needs and lifestyle around the holidays and throughout the new year.

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