shutterstock_160149065As the seasons change you’re probably suffering from chapped lips. There are several methods for curing chapped lips and some work better than others. But have no fear, Villago Dental is here!

Chapped lips are often caused because while the rest of your body is bundled up during the winter, your lips are still exposed to the harsh environment.  Your lips have only a thin surface layer of skin, so they are more likely to dry out than the rest of your exposed skin.

Tip 1: Don’t Lick Your Lips!

Fight the urge to lick your lips, as this actually makes chapping worse. While saliva may provide temporary relief once the fluid evaporates it dehydrates your lips even further. Additionally, do not pick or scrape the bits of skin on your lips. This does even further damage.

Tip 2: Use Lip Balm!

The most common cure for chapped lips is to employ the use of lip balm. Lip balm produces a barrier between your lips and your environment. The goal is to seal in moisture and get extra hydration from the oils contained within the balm.

Oils often contain petrolatum, castor seed oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil or squalane to combat cracked lips.

Companies like ChapStick, Burt’s Bees, and Carmex are popular brands.

Tip 3:  Make Your Own Lip Balm

Producing your own lip balm is an option for individuals who wish to stay frugal or avoid pesky chemicals. You can also infuse your lip balms with fragrant flavors like rose or peppermint if you want to get interesting.

Most home remedies include bees wax or coconut oil as they are both excellent for holding in moisture on your lips.

Consult this list for fun home recipes of lip balm.

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