Your Casa Grande dentist knows more about pop culture than you might expect. For instance, did you know that ‘selfie’ was among several words recently added to the latest edition of the dictionary? There certainly is no understating the cultural significance this one little word has had upon the digital generation.

best selfies 2014

For the uninitiated, a selfie refers to a digital self-portrait of sorts – a personal photo you take yourself. You can typically tell a photo is a ‘selfie’ from the long arm holding out the phone. Don’t worry if that sounds confusing, you get better at identifying them the more you see!

There’s been some pretty impressive selfies taken in recent history, individuals who have truly mastered the art of the self-portrait. Check out some of our very favorites.

The Spider Selfie

It’s pretty easy to tune out the world when you’re taking a selfie, sometimes in the most unfortunate of circumstances. Note to self: always make sure you’re not about to be harassed by spiders before taking any photos on your phone.

The Parental Selfie

It’s hard to imagine a universe where your parents have a better selfie game than you – but there are always exceptions to the rule. Never count your parents out, all it takes is a little creativity and a working camera phone.

The Over-Excited Husky Selfie

The selfie phenomenon does not purely exist among humans – even our four-legged counterparts have found a way to get in on the trend. While they’re not actively taking the photo, they’re still supplying some of the very best expressions we’ve ever seen from this type of photo.

The Actual Monkey Selfie

Did you think animals weren’t taking selfies because they lacked the ability? Afraid not. Arguably one of the most famous photos in selfie history, this ape got into a little monkey trouble with a nearby camera.