electronic toothbrushesOne of the most frequently asked questions in the world of dentistry is whether or not patients should buy an electronic toothbrush. Some patients believe it can be a waste of money, while others swear by the automatic brush. We’re here to help clear up this issue once and for all.

The short answer is: it depends. Buying the best possible toothbrush is based on a purely individual basis. Since not everyone has the same access to advance brushes (whether due to price, location, etc), some dentists can only recommend a manual brush. In some cases, patients have such bad oral health it’s almost a necessity to use an automatic brush. 

However, in most situations, dentists will nine times out of ten recommend an electronic brush to patients because they help protect your teeth and gums from plaque and other bacteria.

Benefits of electronic toothbrushes:

  • Electronic toothbrushes protect against brushing too hard: Many patients, especially younger children, believe that in order to get the best possible cleaning they need to brush as hard as they can. In most cases this can actually cause greater damage to your gums; tissue can be ripped or torn to the point of never being able to grow back.
  • Electronic brushes are easier to handle: According to the American Dental Association, electric toothbrushes provide users with larger, easier-to-grip handles that allow those suffering from physical conditions like arthritis to have a more relaxed and thorough brush.
  • Electric toothbrushes clean more thoroughly: Overall, the biggest benefit of using an electronic toothbrush is that it cleans your teeth more thoroughly, plain and simple. The bristles move quickly in order to remove more plaque, the design allows for users to clean those hard-to-reach areas, and some brushes even come with a built in timer to ensure proper cleaning time.

If you think you might be a candidate for or have questions regarding electronic toothbrushes, contact us today!