Amazing Dental Hygiene is not as hard as it sounds, but is a matter of daily investment in yourself, and understanding a little more about how your body works and how to support good oral health. Follow these 7 tips to achieve amazing dental hygiene and invest in yourself!

1. Don’t Rinse After Brushing

It seems counter intuitive, but rinsing after you brush your teeth or use mouthwash can wash away all the fluoride and the good it is doing for your teeth along with it! Brush your teeth, and wait a little. Let the fluoride do its teeth strengthening work!

2. Don’t Brush Immediately!

Reach for a glass of water instead! Drinking water can help dislodge food particles and clear debris from your mouth, but brushing right away can contribute to wear on your enamel. If you’ve just eaten foods laden with acid or sugar, it can soften the enamel leaving it vulnerable to any abrasive brushing. Give things some time to settle, swish a little water around to get the debris out, and brush in an hour.

3. Stay away from sugary and acidic beverages like soda, alcohol, or energy drinks.

If you want to indulge occasionally, don’t forget tip number 2: give your teeth a break before you brush! Also, do rinse with water after drinking these drinks as higher levels of caffeine can contribute to dry mouth, something that can increase your risk for tooth decay.

4. Eat healthy alternatives

Eating good well balanced food can make a huge difference in your oral health. Don’t be afraid to enjoy a treat now and then, but try to focus on eating foods that support oral health, rather than undermine it. Fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, cheese, nuts, and other healthy alternatives are all good options that avoid sugary, sticky, or acidic foods, and can assist with that amazing dental hygiene. Foods like apples, carrots, celery and other foods can help clean your teeth while you chew.

5. Floss and brush regularly!

Flossing and brushing are the foundation of your oral health, prioritize them. Be sure to make sure you are reaching all areas of your mouth, taking enough time to brush and floss, and using fluoride toothpaste. Being diligent about these basics cannot be done too much! Amazing dental hygiene must always include consistent brushing and flossing.

6. Add some extras to your routine.

Therapeutic mouthwash, sugar free gum, an electronic toothbrush with an app, all can be little extras that go a long way to create amazing dental hygiene habits.

7. Don’t forget regular dental cleanings!

We would be glad to help you achieve amazing dental hygiene now! Regular dental cleanings give you a headstart on keeping your mouth extra clean and healthy.

Call our Casa Grande Office today to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.