hispanic boy brushing teethDid you know that maintaining proper oral health can affect the rest of your body? It’s true! Brushing your teeth has a bigger effect than you may have previously thought. Here are 6 ways brushing regularly can affect your health.

Heart Disease & Stroke

Research has shown that poor oral health and propensity for heart disease are linked. While the jury is still out as to whether poor oral health causes heart disease it is abundantly clear that individuals who do not take care of their teeth have a higher chance of developing heart disease. The same study from the American Journal of Medicine found that strokes are also linked to bad brushing habits.


A study from the Journal of Periodontology found that oral diseases and infection can increase the risk of respiratory diseases like pneumonia which is caused when bacteria invades the lower respiratory tract from the throat. Keeping your mouth clean could keep bacteria from entering the lower respiratory tract.


Keeping up with your home care can prevent a low birth weight. A 2007 study from the Journal of Periodontology found that pregnant women suffering from periodontal disease are linked to pre-term low birth weight. Having a scaling procedure done during the early stages of pregnancy can do wonders to prevent this.

Regulate Your Diet

According to a study from Prevention, brushing your teeth can signal to your body that a meal is over. A proper brushing after a meal helps the mind suppress mindless eating and consuming more calories than you need.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to brush your teeth after a meal anyway!

Alzheimer’s Disease

In addition to the link to heart disease and stroke, the NYU College of Dentistry showed that gum disease may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s.  Just another reason to keep up with your home care!