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halloween cavities

Preventing Halloween Cavities

The scariest aspect of Halloween for many parents related to what their child’s next dental checkup might look. After several weeks of a diet saturated in sugary sweets, surely there will be cavities that develop, right? Not necessarily – parents have the ability to prevent Halloween tooth decay, just follow these simple tips. Some candies… Read more

sugary beverage

The Ugly Truth About Sugary Beverages

How much sugar do you suppose is just below the surface of that soda you’re holding? If you’re like most of us, you never actually bother to read the nutrition label – you just know that Coke pairs well with just about anything you’re having for lunch that day. You might be far less inclined… Read more

tooth friendly foods

5 Tooth Friendly Foods

Many of the foods we love to eat can wreak serious havoc on our teeth. While we certainly can’t avoid brushing following meals, there are certain foods less likely to promote decay. If you consider yourself a foodie or you simply can’t resist that mid-day snack, here are a few menu items to take note… Read more