Night Guard

Custom night guards are the best way to protect your teeth each and every night. Guard your mouth from expensive and painful damage!

night guard for teeth

How Do Custom Night Guards Work?

A custom night guard works by covering your teeth and preventing them from coming in contact with each other.  This simple dental device adheres to your natural teeth and protects them from damage that can occur during sleep, the time you’re most vulnerable. Your night guard is made custom for you using a dental impression. Because the guard conforms to your existing bite it’s comfortable enough to wear every night without affecting the way you sleep.

Do I Need a Night Guard?

Do you or a family member suffer from grinding teeth during sleep? You need a night guard when you suffer from headaches in the morning, jaw pain, tooth aches, worn teeth or cosmetic damages. This uncomfortable condition is referred to as Bruxism (BRUK-siz-um). Many patients don’t realize they’re affected by bruxism until they discover cosmetic damage or dental injuries following sleep.

Bruxism can cause serious damage when left untreated. A custom night guard is the perfect solution for gnashing teeth and preventing expensive repairs or dental surgery.

How Much Do Custom Night Guards Cost?

A custom night guard is affordable on any budget. Contact Villago Marketplace Dental Care today to discuss the pricing options available to you.