5 Snack Foods That Won’t Junk Your Teeth

Truth is, everybody loves a good snack. The problem, however, is that most snacks are terrible for your body and especially for your teeth. Snacks like candy bars, potato chips, or even one of your favorite chewy granola bars are packed with sugar and other chemicals that can severely harm your teeth and gums. That’s… Read more

Adorable Kids With Animals

Two of the things that make us smile the most are kids and animals. We thought it would be a great idea to combine these two things and share some of our favorite images of adorable kids with animals. We hope these pictures will help you smile and make you all warm and fuzzy inside…. Read more

Jokes about Arizona!

We’ve all heard jokes about the South or New York but did you know that there are plenty of jokes about how home state of Arizona.  From wise cracks about the heat to yuks about our prestigious universities there is plenty of humor to be found in the Grand Canyon State! University Jokes Q: What… Read more