Your Casa Grande Dentist presents … The Best Selfies of 2014

Your Casa Grande dentist knows more about pop culture than you might expect. For instance, did you know that ‘selfie’ was among several words recently added to the latest edition of the dictionary? There certainly is no understating the cultural significance this one little word has had upon the digital generation. For the uninitiated, a… Read more

Your Casa Grande Dentist Presents a Safer Halloween!

Planning for a safe Halloween doesn’t have to be a headache, your Casa Grande family dentist is here to offer some helpful advice in the holiday department. This year, leave all the scares to the ghouls & goblins – your child’s safety should never be among them! Establishing the Ground Rules Older kids will make… Read more

How I Conquered My Dental Anxiety

This post written on behalf of Villago Family Dental I’ve struggled with dental anxiety for as long as I can remember. I have vivid recollections of battling my mother over dental appointments – my success rate counted nearly every third appointment as a cancellation. That old adage, the one about mom is always right, rings… Read more