Laser for Soft Tissue & Bacterial Reduction

Lasers have changed the way patients receive care, offering a minimally-invasive alternative to traditional methods. These intense narrow wavelengths have the advantage of precision, resulting in more predictable reactions from soft tissues of the body. Laser light is extremely efficient, producing little noticeable heat through engagement with its target. Laser treatment is ideal for oral surgeries as it rarely affects tissues other than those targeted. The technology allows for precise control in regards to depth and extent of cutting, while minimizing bleeding and sterilizing treatment areas.laser dentistry in Casa Grande, AZ

Currently, dental applications include gum disease treatments, gum re-contouring, incision cauterizing and tissue fusion, lesion reparation, and biopsies.

Intraoral Cameras

Many of us don’t have a clear idea view on our oral health status. The advent of intraoral cameras has effectively changed that, allowing patients to see what their dentist sees during treatment. You can relax comfortably whenever you visit Villago – the dental chair just became your front row seat to personalized oral health care.

How does it work? Your doctor or hygienist will insert a pen-sized, camera-tipped wand into your mouth; the device is covered with a disposable plastic sheath for contamination prevention. This wand is used to take video inside your mouth and transmits the images via cable to a nearby computer.

Valplast® Flexible Partials

Do you need to replace missing teeth? Valplast Flexible Partial dentures – characterized by their lifelike, comfortable, affordable prosthetic – are a popular treatment option for many of our patients. These soft, lightweight partial dentures are specifically tailored to you, having the ability to easily bend and move with your mouth for added comfort.

To maintain your Valplast partial and good oral health,dentures in casa grande, az

  • Clean it with denture cleaner regularly
  • Soak the partial for 15 minutes per day or overnight, three times per week
  • Remove loose particles with running water or a sonic denture cleaner
  • Rinse your partial after eating, and gently remove food particles
  • Store your partial in water when you aren’t wearing it
  • Brush your natural teeth and gums, and visit your dentist regularly
  • Do not use brushes to clean your partial
  • Keep the appliance away from pets and children
  • Ask us about safe cleaners for your Valplast partial

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Do you have teeth that need straightening but dislike the idea of traditional braces? Say hello to Invisalign , the most popular alternative to wire braces on the market. Its plastic trays are virtually invisible which offer an aesthetic advantage and a more comfortable fit. The device can also be easily removed whenever necessary – braces don’t have to affect the way you eat or brush your teeth. Finally, the trays are easily replaceable should you ever lose them.


The Cavitron is the superior alternative to traditional hand scaling, using an ultrasonic pulse to keep teeth clean. The device is designed to destroy harmful bacteria and remove stubborn tartar through powerful vibrations, water utilized to rinse out the debris. Best of all, no anesthetic is needed with the Cavitron although you can still expect a cleaner, fresher smile!

Digital X-rays

Dentists have used X-rays to see what the naked eye cannot. This powerful tool was first developed in a darkroom using hazardous chemicals, later viewed on a special light board. Developed x-rays required special storage and called for large filing systems. Traditional x-rays also subjected patients to higher levels of radiation.intraoral cameras in Casa Grande

Digital x-rays have completely transformed the procedure. The new technology places a tiny sensor in your mouth and emits a small amount of radiation, nearly 90 percent less than traditional x-rays required. Doctors can rotate and magnify the images, adjust for contrast, and even color-code — ideal for educational purposes. These digital images are easily stored and maintained within a computer, bringing a new level of efficiency previously unknown. Modern digital x-rays provide advanced imaging and can be inexpensively reproduced.

Digital X-rays offer unparalleled benefits over traditional radiographs: they’re convenient, safe for the environment, provide a great opportunity for patient education, can be transferred and copied accurately, and they’re safer for our patients.

TVs in the rooms allow patients to watch a movie during cleaning and treatment

Have some dental jitters? Lose yourself in a good movie and ease your anxiety. We have TVs in our rooms so if you are receiving treatment, you’ll have a benefit of a welcomed distraction. We put your comfort first!